Family Events: The Code

This is Exclusively for introverts because Believe me If you are an extrovert You Won’t Need This For Sure.It’s about cracking the code for any family function and i mean any,ranging from jagratas to weddings.

  • Your +1 is the ultimate weapon in surviving these jams. Just make sure he doesn’t overpass your smartness as in that case you’ll be the +1 of his/her rather him/her being yours. Will not say he’s a third wheel but helps in keeping conversations lively and maybe giving you a chance you to crack some jokes but what he will for sure give you is a chance to frankly share your thoughts with those mostly Unknown cousins and potential friends Considering You know him/her pretty well him/her being your +1. Once you are comfortable with your company Evening should pass smoothly.


  • If comedy is your thing then Humor is your way In. Despising a Funny guy is as hard as it sounds. And if it helps all the people, well  almost all of them are related to you in some way. Put your introvert genes aside for that time and try to blend in.


  • The Most Important And Vital step to crack the code of Family Events is Children Without a Doubt. Be Smooth with kids and rest is set. Everyone loves a person friendly with kids whether it’s an old adult or a young teenager. Trust me no one Thinks it to be Uncool to be with kids except Some Attitude sunken spoilt brats. This is my favourite way into these jams. Find a Group of Small kids and keep playing with them, not only it makes you Popular in Varying Age group but also relieves your tension of surviving these Functions as you no longer are surviving but rather enjoying Your Evening. One more Reason this is the best way possible is because kids are Goddamn cute and openly spoken which is I think most of the people in These Functions Are Not.


All the above Suggestions Are 100% Tested in field By professional Observers Lead By Me.

PS: Just Don’t Be A Douche.

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Sinner: Worth Your Binge Time?

This Article Consists of No Spoilers at all.

This TV series is fairly new and to be honest quite refreshing.

First Episode Aired on 2nd August and Ended On 20th September with a Total of 8 Episodes of about 40 min. Each.

It successfully Manages to Hinge the viewers with a very intriguing Event in the very First Episode itself.

Thrillers Now a Days are in scarcity but this TV series Breaks the notion with really smart Writing and Direction.

The plot is seemingly Fine which will get Mystery and Crime lovers hooked in seconds.

Basic Gist of the Series is about a Sudden and Unexpected murder of Frankie Belmont Played by Eric Todd commited out of the blue by Cora Tannetti Played by Jessica Biel.

The Mystery here is Related as to why she did so without any motive.

She Confesses Her Crime and is ready to plead guilty but A detective by the name of Harry Ambrose Played by Bill Pullman is just too hell bent to help her get over this.

Triggering by a Mere Song And Doing What she did Just not Justifies a Murder. Right??

The Writing is the Star of the show here along with some Really Not Well defined Loopholes which we might seem to get Rectified in Further seasons.

Expections are That in the next season The focus would be mainly on the cases that Harry handles. They might also help viewers understand his twisted Sexual Habits and the trauma he might have suffered in Early years.

The Character Development is the area this season might not have outshined but the Some of the character are really well established.

The Direction on some of the Episodes is great along with the story telling. The Cast is on point!!

Bill Pullman really gives a Great performance followed by  Nadia Alexender and Jessica Biel and Christopher Abott.

The Series has acclaimed great reviews and ratings from reputed sites and Writers.

It manages to have a score of 8 On IMDb along with a 94% Rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

This series is Complex Yet Quite Simple. In conclusion, It is a TV series I recommend Highly For your Binge watch pleasure.

It is Exclusively available on US Network. 

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Everyone Knows She Did It But No One Knows Why

Auditions Noob.

This is a Really Random Article, So if you’re in for some serious Discussion abort now, and if  you are here for just a Fun read Nevermind Carry On!!!!!!

Auditions Noob Term used for people who flunk their Auditions Drastically. i.e. People like myself.

So if you still haven’t Guessed What we are going to Babble out, You are a slow learner. Lets Get to the part where i prove to myself more than anyone else how to Fail miserably in front of people In the process of conquering my arch nemesis i.e. stage fear. As I have previously confessed how big of an introvert I am. This Incident I’m referring to is one of many Attempts to conquer said enemy.

First time I went for an improperly proper audition for a membership in a college society. In relation to conquering my fears and have fun most importantly I joined Theatre society Or tried to join the society. There were 3 stages of auditions which was a huge red signal for any introvert telling you that you’re going to be judged thoroughly. I gathered courage and contacted the concerned authorities about my registration and got registered the same day. One thing worth mentioning is that they weren’t a dick about random people asking them the details of auditions personally even when they explained most of the things in their poster.

I went to the First round which was in the college itself, frankly, I was expecting no more than 50 kids, but as it turns out theatre is really popular amongst college kids because there were more than 170 people in that seminar hall. It was a basic monologue which we had to read the same and Give a basic introduction of ourselves. To any normal person it might not seem a big deal but Mind you I was the King of Introvertville and it was a nightmare for me to even recite some lines in front of this much of people. I swear to god no one in the room broke a sweat like it was always what they wanted to be. My nueroplasticity(I’ll talk about it in a separate article) helped me a great deal in overcoming anxiety at that moment.

I went on the Stage in front of some passouts and seniors of my College who ran the society, Gave my Monologue Barely as words were almost coming out of my mouth enough to make out what I was blabbering.  I told them about my interest in writing and how i might shine in the writing area more than the acting area. Well they Just nodded and hummed and called out the other participant.

Just like that it was done and i was back at home waiting for them to upload the results on there page. To my surprise I did get selected for the second round along with 64 other kids. Now if you’re a kid who hasn’t been in an audition let alone qualify for one you know how great it felt.

Second Round was more of physical work and bit of improvisation acts to which I think i did just fine but not enough to be regarded as qualified for 3rd round but I did again with only 50 kids for the challenge. I knew I was gaining on my enemy of facing large number of people but that’s when I came to know that in the 3rd round we had to memorize a monologue and deliver it with the essential acting that’s when i felt a sweat running through the back of my spine mostly because of my previous record of memorising and reciting things.

Auditions were in one of the seniors house. Monologue that i selected was about a kid delivering a monologue and feeling nervous about it and eventually fucking it up in front of the jury. I took this monologue not because the latter was about to become a reality for me but because it was the smallest one of the monologues alloted to us. When irony his you it hits you hard. Waited for about 1 hour when the time finally came, I was shit scared even when the people taking my interview were my seniors only. I went in the room with another kid and hand to god he fucking destroyed his monologue, it was like he was the living manifestation of DeNiro himself which naturally fucked my confidence. I went up there and started the monologue forgetting almost everything.Words were not coming out of my mouth I was sweating so hard it was impossible to not notice it. Basically i was B-rabbit in his very first Rap battle. They put me out of my misery and sat me down asking some questions and reporting that they’ll tell the results on the day itself. Here’s the monologue:

7th One is Mine.

But You know what I felt relieved whilst going home taking a sub. Not because I knew i wouldn’t get a call back in a million years but because i manned up and tried to conquer my fears. I’ll take such chances and fail miserably again just to know how it feels to fail.✌️✌️

 Cheer up. Not the End. Failing is the way to go.

Racial Discrimination

India is Undoubtedly one of the biggest country in this World. Apart from Several severe issues like littering and abruptly increasing population, one need not be a tactician to figure out that Racial Discrimination is a big issue in india and a rapidly growing one.

Though “Attithi Devo Bhava”( Guest is God) and Diversified Unity among its citizens are a vital part of Indian Culture, We unknowingly Promote Discrimination on the basis of skin color, which in my opinion is a no-go for any developing , Developed Or Under Developing Country for that matter.

“It’s nobodys’ fault that my skin color is a shade darker than everyone else, and I don’t deem it appropriate For it to be Deciding factor in important decisions related to my future and career.”, Says Anurag, a student from one of india’s prestigious university on being questioned about the hardships he had to face from childhood till now for having a dark complexion.

We might think that it’s when a person grows old enough to matter Or becomes an adult is the time when he faces this Discrimination but the truth is far more devastating. The roots of this disease start from early childhood when the victim is called names and is being teased on this matter and the adults see it as a bit of leg-pulling matter which is a form of early childhood trauma suffered by the victim, later catering to alarmingly low self esteem and public speaking skills.

I’ve myself seen 100s of brides being rejected due to their dark complexion. And most Indians being Wheatish themselves must understand the problem and agony of their tadbit darker kin.

Recent cases like Noida Racism case in india are a clear sign of just how big this underlying and freakisly underventilated this issue is in India.
One most prominent solution to this problem is to not address people on the basis of their skin color and urge others to do the same.

Hoping For A Better Tomorrow

American Playboy-The Hugh Hefner Story: Worth Your Binge Time?

This Article Contains No Spoilers Whatsoever.

This TV series revolves Around the Construction and upbringing of the Playboy Empire as it is quite clear by the title itself. This series is available for watching exclusively on amazon prime. It is a 10 episode series with each episode of about 40 minutes.


Now like me, many of you might be thinking that series is all about the Parties, sex, success But as it turns out it is more than that, the story depicts the struggles of creating an empire from just a magazine and proving the world that Playboy is more than just a magazine with Pin-Up girls. This series also sheds lights on how Playboy Played an important part in the life of young public in America in various fields from wars to welfare.



The story is depicted with a mix of Documented Interviews and Acted out scenes. Though I Feel this series lacked some acting rigor but the recreation of Events and magazine photos were spot on, which I think is the biggest plus point of this series. You can certainly see the amount of effort they put in recreating the exact scenarios to depict what exactly happened at that time which is a feat in itself.



The story also shows how Hugh Hefner has grown From Being denied a 5$ raise by Esquire to creating his own magazine beating Esquire and any other competition From the very first Issue Because of the Quality of Photos to the Quality content they printed along with it, which is hugely neglected in front of the Pin-ups. Hefner is a visionary who wants the people to see through that playboy has always been tackling serious issues by publishing “Less Talked about” Articles and also breaking the shackles of racism and Sex taboo.


The soundtrack on this series is quite good with a mix of 80s R&B to 90s Rock. It seems to do Good to the series Respective of the scenes.

The story tells us about the constructive hard work and effort of the team put in making Playboy a Brand with its own casinos to its Production Line producing and hosting its own TV Series and Movies. It also tells us a little about Love Life of Hefner and how he adapted into the playboy Lifestyle.

This TV series is a successful Effort of director Stephen David in Depicting the Playboy Empire.

Based on the above data I think it is Certainly a Onetime Watch, not something I would be willing see again and again.

The series has 7.5 Rating on IMDb and 63% on rotten tomatoes If that helps.

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Mr. ROBOT: Worth Your Binge Time?

This Article contains No Spoilers Whatsoever.

Even though I’m not a critic but I’m reviewing this series as a Content comsumer, now that’s out of the way let’s start by saying this is for everyone to watch but will be extremely interesting for people believing in hacker extremist groups whose sole motive is to cripple the so called “System” bring down who secretly Rule the world, the “Invisible Gods Amongst Human” like Rothschild, Rockefeller, JP Morgan and many More… , Who have enslaved us with The help of the banks they own. Fun Fact: Rothschild and co. Owns almost Every Bank in the World Exceptions included, even the federal reserve which literally makes it own currency. The are so anonymous that I can bet more than half of you are unaware of them.

Many Conspiracies as such are in circulation. This is the base of the plot of this TV series.
The Story is well Written and kinda gives You a POV experience as You The Viewer is Addressed as a third person Which is Cool Cause its does give the story a whole new dimension Literally.

Casting is on point with protagonist being Rami malek as Elliott Alderson as I think he portrays a self occupied efficient hacker with a little social slide Perfectly. Christian Slater portrays Mr. Robot pretty well, Way Of The Wicked Really helped him boost his skills, WOTW is a movie of his in case you’re Wondering.

Mr. Robot hires a Group of hackers Named fsociety Whose Aim is to Wipe clean all the debts on the account holders of the biggest Conglomerate of their time, Ecorp Synonymous to Evil Corp in the whole Series,  crippling their whole system so they are no longer enslaved.Group containing A Batshit Crazy Darlene, A fiend and proficient Ethical hacker who works at a company who prevents hacks on any other big company(Let that Sink In), Markkesh aka DJ Mobley, Romero And a few more. Dark army is also a vital part of the storyline helping fsociety.


The story is Full of Mind Boggling Twists so Rest assured. Story is Broken Into 2 Seasons.

The Background Score On this series is lit. It elevates almost every scene in this series. It’s a collection of carefully chosen 80s to 90s song even some new one which heightens the experience.

Overall Sam Esmail, The Director, did a pretty well job Creating and presenting This series.

It is in the leagues of the best sci-fi Tv shows I’ve stumbled across for a long time. It does Have a 8.7 score on IMDb and 96% on Rotten Tomatoes, If those interest you.

So I think it’s definitely worth your time You won’t be Disappointed. I could say much more but I did make a promise of Giving No Spoilers. Season 3 Is set to be Released in October 2017.

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We’re All Living In Each Others Paranoia.


Control Is An Illusion.