Racial Discrimination

India is Undoubtedly one of the biggest country in this World. Apart from Several severe issues like littering and abruptly increasing population, one need not be a tactician to figure out that Racial Discrimination is a big issue in india and a rapidly growing one.

Though “Attithi Devo Bhava”( Guest is God) and Diversified Unity among its citizens are a vital part of Indian Culture, We unknowingly Promote Discrimination on the basis of skin color, which in my opinion is a no-go for any developing , Developed Or Under Developing Country for that matter.

“It’s nobodys’ fault that my skin color is a shade darker than everyone else, and I don’t deem it appropriate For it to be Deciding factor in important decisions related to my future and career.”, Says Anurag, a student from one of india’s prestigious university on being questioned about the hardships he had to face from childhood till now for having a dark complexion.

We might think that it’s when a person grows old enough to matter Or becomes an adult is the time when he faces this Discrimination but the truth is far more devastating. The roots of this disease start from early childhood when the victim is called names and is being teased on this matter and the adults see it as a bit of leg-pulling matter which is a form of early childhood trauma suffered by the victim, later catering to alarmingly low self esteem and public speaking skills.

I’ve myself seen 100s of brides being rejected due to their dark complexion. And most Indians being Wheatish themselves must understand the problem and agony of their tadbit darker kin.

Recent cases like Noida Racism case in india are a clear sign of just how big this underlying and freakishly underventilated this issue is in India.

One most prominent solution to this problem is to not address people on the basis of their skin color and urge others to do the same.

Hoping For A Better Tomorrow


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